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Going onto Account~!

Ahoy there, mateys! This is a new webcomic by yours truly and a good artsy friend of mine, Amaya Rei! One day, we were talking and she was thinking about pirates and cake, and I was thinking Meitantei Conan. Somehow, we ended up with a Pirate Murder mystery! (and she ate the cake, that meanie! ;_; ). But, that's how it got started as an idea, and slowly, it started to actually get planned into something!

So, until Amaya gets an account here, it will say only meh as the creator, but she does as much as me! So, how do we split the work anyways...?

Rough layouts-Amaya
Finalized sketch-Kojika
Finishing (including screentoning)-Kojika

and there you have it~! why did I add a watermark..? force of habit, I suppose...XD

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